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Friday, March 15

UWHEN Business Clothing Drive

Donations benefit the Career Boutique at Career Services. We are accepting donations between January 16 - March 21 for the following items: clean business...

Gandhi in black and white. Writing quote and QR code overlayed

Think about peace. Make peace. Write about peace. Your essay could earn prize money, and it may be selected for publication online or in print. AND--your...

Virtual Event
Staff Development - CD37 -  New Supervisor Training - Equal Opportunity & GPS Training

Supervisor Essentials Program is designed to provide SLCC’s leaders with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed for being an effective supervisor in our...

Staff Development - CH36 - Active Listening

Miscommunication can lead to all sorts of problems and is one of the biggest challenges in relationships. During this fun and fast-paced session, we'll...

Virtual Event
Staff Development - CH37 - Tips for Time Management

Through this workshop, participants will learn how to reduce procrastination and how to become more organized and prioritize more effectively. Practical tips...

Virtual Event
Program Assessment Cycle Stages 4 and 5 Workshop

Assess and Evaluate Evidence of Student’s Learning and Closing the Loop In this session about the Assess and Evaluate stages, we'll discuss gathering...

Virtual Event
Staff Development - CH46 - QPR Gatekeeper Training

QPR is a program that provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to recognize and respond to warning signs of suicide. Join this session as part of...

Employee Wellness - CH38 - Employee Wellness-Resiliency-Based Yoga Practice

Restorative classes meant for all levels. All you need are comfortable clothesand we have yoga mats available. You are always welcome to use a chair or...

Employee Wellness - CH41 - Gratitude 2

True gratitude is both the feeling of thankfulness and the action of thanking the source of that good feeling. This presentation focuses on intentional...

Virtual Event

Friday, March 15