Salt Lake Community College


Friday, June 12

How to Plan the Perfect Event

Preview our Intro to Event and Meeting Planning course. Learn what it takes to plan a successful event and get a closer look at the possibility of a career...

Virtual Event
Employee Wellness - Jordan Campus Stress Management

This 8-week stress management program aims to educate participants about stress, the importance of having it, how to prevent it from causing harm, and how to...

DIY – How to Install a Light Fixture

Do it Yourself home repairs demonstrated by a professional! Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, too.

Virtual Event
Hit the G.A.S.

Hit the G.A.S. (which stands for Gender And Sexuality, of course!) is a new weekly Webex discussion group to fuel conversations on gender and sexuality in...

Virtual Event
Telehealth: Visiting Your Healthcare Provider Without Leaving Home

Learn from healthcare professionals who are also faculty who run both outpatient and telehealth clinics tips on how to interact with your care provider...

Friday, June 12