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Monday, October 8

Scholarship Opportunity: Engaged Learning Celebration

Submit your ePortfolio or service-learning project for a chance to receive a tuition waiver! Apply at:

Service_Learning Grant & Designation Proposal Deadlines:  Sept. 10, Oct. 4, and Oct. 29

For questions, contact Deadlines for the three opportunities below are September 10th, October 4th, and October 29th. Individual Course...

'Modern Botanicals' Gallery Exhibition

Humans use “things” to support a lifestyle of comfort. In current mainstream culture we “need”, we buy, we consume, we throw-away, we repeat: Always in...

'TACTILIS' Gallery Exhibition

TACTILIS is an exhibition designed to be tactile-friendly, with intentions to be fully accessible to individuals in the Blind and Low Vision community. Works...

Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness Exhibition

The exhibition focuses on Native Peoples – specifically American Indians, Native Alaskans, and Pacific Islanders – and examines how wellness and illness are...

Banner 9 Budget Management

Managing your organization's budget using Banner Forms. How to generate a Banner Budget Report. Printing Budget Reports. How to create a Macro in Word to...

Banner 9 Travel Encumbrance

What is a Travel Encumbrance What is FOAPAL and the Index Code and how they are related. How to use FGAENCB, the travel encumbrance form. Tips and Tricks

Monday, October 8